Path Styler Pro for Photoshop and Illustrator

Fill Styler

Fill Styler is a filter plug-in that is included with every version of Path Styler Pro for Photoshop. It uses the rendering capabilities of Path Styler Pro to fill a selection or the entire canvas with any style you want.

Easy styling.

Mix colors, procedural texture maps, and lighting to fill your selection with a large variety of patterns and effects. And with more than 100 different preset styles to help you get started you will be able to create your own impressive styles in no time.

Bloody Texture Small Stones Texture Sea Texture Fire Marble Texture Bricks Texture Tree Bark Texture River Stones Texture Honeycomb Texture
Metal Plating Texture Toxic Texture Wood Floor Texture Ember Texture Satin Texture Coils Texture Splash Texture Gold Texture

Create tileable textures.

Let Fill Styler automatically make your styles tileable so you can use them as textures that repeat seamlessly across a rendered surface or a background for a web page.

Tileable Textures

Fill Styler can adjust the mapping of your style, even when rotated, to turn it into a tileable texture.

Image effects.

Not only can Fill Styler color the pixels in your image, you can also use it to add image effects. Distort your image, add rain or snow, engrave it in metal, and more.

Etched Metal

Normal maps and height maps.

In addition to rendering fully colored images, Fill Styler can also create and adjust normal maps and height maps that you can use as textures for a game engine or a high-end 3D application.

Tileable Textures Height Map Normal Map

Any bit depth, any size.

Like Path Styler Pro, Fill Styler works with 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) images, using the full range available. And the styles you create are resolution independent so you can render the same image at any size.

Free with Path Styler Pro for Photoshop

Fill Styler is not available as a separate filter plug-in but it is included for free with Path Styler Pro for Photoshop and the Path Styler Pro Bundle. Order Path Styler Pro today and experience how easy it is to create impressive textures, backgrounds, and more.